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Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting

Dublin leading commercial painting company, truecolours Painting knows how to work in demanding environments. From small retail stores to shopping malls, truecolours Painting’s experts have worked exclusively with commercial and industrial clients for over ten years.

Our extensive product knowledge and hands-on experience enable us to complete any commercial project, large or small, to the highest quality standards.With great attention to detail, we give your property a stunning look that will impress your clients and retain its aesthetic appeal for years to come.

Commercial Painting
Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting Services

We can adjust our working hours so that business operations are not disrupted, whether it is weekends, holidays, evenings or factory work. Additionally, our office staff and project managers are experienced in coordinating our work with other contractors who may perform other work on your facilities.

Commercial painting is a locally owned and operated painting business. We strive to provide first-class services to the Dublin area with excellence in craftsmanship and dedication. We back our work with an excellent warranty and offer paint maintenance plans for our customers.

With extensive experience as a Commercial painting contractor, Painting knows the techniques, tools and materials that will protect your structures from the elements for years to come. Our professional painters don’t cut corners; We pay special attention to all stages of delivery, preparation and execution to ensure that our premium content performs at its best. Our finished product is always beautiful – visit our portfolio page to see for yourself – and we won’t be satisfied until you are.

We know that the security of company assets and personnel is of the utmost importance and we take this seriously. This is why our strict security policy is clearly documented and all our employees receive regular security training. Additionally, all of our employees are rigorously screened with a drug and criminal background check prior to hiring. If your interior looks dilapidated or faded, it may be time to have it serviced by a professional. Contact us at true colours Painting today to find out how we can improve your business structure, or click to request a no-obligation quote.

Commercial Painting Tasks Depend On the Chosen Finish

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Commercial Painting is a bigger project as compared to residential painting. In residential painting, the rooms to be painted are comparatively smaller, so, the painting task is well managed by a painter. While in the case of Commercial painting, as the rooms are bigger, completing the Commercial painting complexes is not a one painter’s job.

Many painters would be required to complete the Commercial painting job within the stipulated time-frame.Plus, the quantity of paint required in Commercial Painting would be more than the quantity required to paint homes. And same is the case with other painting equipment. And the price of Commercial Painting is usually more than residential painting.

Commercial Painting
Commercial Painting

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A Painting Contractor You Can Turn to Year Round

The requirements of a Commercial painting project demand a disciplined and focused approach from the very start. Our team of Commercial painting specialists is committed to delivering a quality experience and professional results on every project, every time.

Don’t Take Commercial Painting Lightly

Industrial buildings are difficult to restore. There’s so much to do and you only have a few days to complete the project. Most commercial Painting has many surfaces that need to be painted when retrofitting. When work is boring, the office work environment becomes boring. Also, the staff won’t be happy to see such a stupid building.

So what is the solution? We are the most trusted painter for any service. We carry out large and small commercial Painting projects across Ireland. Our services are first class and our staff is made up of highly trained professionals. Let’s not rush the task. Instead, we take the time to prepare and maintain the best production to breathe new life into your commercial buildings.

Your project is our responsibility. Therefore, without increasing the tension on the forehead, we finish the project quickly. We are known as Ireland’s most trusted, reliable and experienced decorator.

Commercial Painting

Why Us?

We have been in business for several years. We have undertaken various Commercial Painting projects and all were completed on schedule. We are able to keep our customers happy while staying on budget compared to the rest of the market.

We carry out the painting work with the greatest care. We don’t finish the job roughly. The shield should be as detailed as possible so that it takes enough time to go through each corner.

Our experience advises us to be humble and to earn the trust of our customers. Our team can make the best impression of your Commercial Painting with the best colors. Our motto is quality work.


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