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Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

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True colours team of experts is trained to handle all the details related to preventive care, preparation and application of paint on your exterior walls. Exterior painting is a science because understanding color and how it interacts with or reacts is critical to creating a work that will last and stand up to the elements. Our team of experts is trained to handle all the details related to preventive care, preparation and application of paint on your exterior walls.

We provide painting services to our customers in spring, summer and autumn. Our painting team is well equipped with ladders, scaffolding and all the equipment needed for professional Exterior painting. At Galway Concepts, we take extra care to ensure that shrubs, garden and lawn decorations are not affected or damaged by our presence.

Exterior Painting

Call me for 24/7 Exterior Painting Service

If you have any questions about our painting services, skills or experience, we encourage you to contact our sales staff! We are happy to answer questions and make quotes and cost estimates. We look forward to hearing from you and will continue to be the leading plaster installation and painting service provider in the region!

A fresh coat of paint on the outside will protect them from mold and rot, especially in winter. You need to hire a reputable paint company and provide quality paint to extend the life of your home Exterior painting.

Our exterior paint jobs include paint for doors and windows, wood and vinyl shutters, plaster, architectural millwork, eaves and eaves, decks, railings and patios, sandblasted and wrought iron furniture. Before painting, we prepare the walls by washing, scraping, puttying and priming to ensure a long lasting paint coat.

Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Looking for professional Exterior Painting Galway services in Dublin. True colours Decorators, we use only the best name-brand paints for exterior painting.

we have seen many tough paint jobs over the years. We can give you practical advice for your specific job, for example when it is important to use durable paint or high-quality weather-resistant paint.

Do you know the best paint for exterior walls? True colours Decorating and Painting Services shows whether soft or flat paint is best for exterior walls.

Our Complete House Painting Process

When painting the facade of your home, it is important to prepare well to obtain an impeccable and lasting result. Paint the facade of your house fairly quickly, because we will ensure that everything is properly prepared.

Our Experts Will:

  • Cover everything you can’t move
  • Use the tools and solutions you need to get rid of dust, dirt, and of course mold
  • Fill all nail holes, seams, and seams that need to be repaired.
  • Repairs scratches and cracks.
  • Sand and scrape any areas where the paint is peeling.
  • Use a sealer with a special sealant to seal the gaps in each wood.
  • Finally, wash everything at high pressure to make sure the paint is absorbed and  adheres properly.
  • Finally, we can restrict windows and doors if desired.

When we are complete a job, the supervisor comes with us to make sure happy and there is contact. when you sign up for Exterior Painting Galway for Your work, Of course, the customer service doesn’t stop there as we always call the next day to make sure you’re still happy.

Exterior Painting
Why Are We Better Than Other Paint Companies?
  • Experienced, punctual, and highly qualified staff.
  • We regularly review the work of our team to maintain quality.
  • Get a full warranty on all work.
  • Our offers are 100% free and we are flexible in terms of deadlines.
  • Our painters are certified and insured.
  • Thorough preparation and cleaning.
  • Call us for a free color consultation.
  • Our offers are competitive.
Exterior Painting
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