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Floors and Stair Varnishing

Floors and Stair Varnishing

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Floors and Stair Varnishing usually take only a few years to show the first signs of wear and tear. Problems often begin with level steps, where constant foot traffic can strip the paint and expose bare wood. Second, vertical bulges are often injured by repeated kicks. While handrails don’t have to suffer the same amount of physical violence as pedals or risers, it doesn’t take long for railings to become covered with cooked dirt and handprints.

Floors and Stair Varnishing Galway Stair renovations in particular require the removal of old damaged flooring. For this, we use a stripper to remove the varnish and paint easily. Then lightly sand the stairs, sand the stairs, and grind the rest to a finer finish so the new coat of paint can penetrate the pores of the wood. We then vacuumed the stairs to remove sanding residue, then wiped down the stairs with a damp cloth to help the paint adhere. Additionally, some oily woods may require one or more degreasing with synthetic thinners.

After carefully preparing the wood, we applied the primer in stages with a roller and on hard-to-reach Floors and Stair Varnishing Galway areas with a brush. Lastly, we apply a few coats of varnish to protect your wooden stairway and make it shine all the way through.

Floors and Stair Varnishing

Call me for 24/7 Floors and stair varnishing Service

So how do you keep your attractive, warm and inviting wood floors in perfect condition? We get a lot of inquiries about painting wood floors, so here’s a helpful guide for our customers. As always, if you have any questions, you can give us a call or take a look at our interior floor.

See the painting page for more information. Wood experts are always at your disposal for advice and action! About Varnished Wood Floors – Polyurethane Varnish The first thing you need to do is decide on your varnish. Do you need oil-based, solvent-based or water-based paint?
Although easy to apply, oil-based polyurethanes are rarely used these days because they add a lot of color to wood, can take a while to fully cure, can take weeks, and have a short shelf life. life can happen. Usually two or three layers are sufficient. But keep in mind that it smells more likely than water-based products, is prone to brush marks, and takes longer to dry than alternative solvent-based or water-based paints.

Water-based polyurethane dries faster and has less odor, but can slightly raise the grain of the wood on some cork. This is not a problem as the process of stripping between coats will help maintain the final finish. Floors and Stair Varnishing Galway Waterborne polyurethane does not perform as well on oil-based wood stains as oil-based wood stains, but does perform well on solvent-based wood stains and alcohol-based stains. Most professionals use water-based paints because they have almost no odor.

Where to start applying varnish?

Since the Floors and Stair Varnishing Galway our customers were flexible in their opinion on whether to stain or paint the posts and handrails, we started with that. We started by painting the main staircase and top handrail. Once the stain was applied and dried it quickly became apparent that it was not suitable for stairs and steps as it would not run or mix with other surfaces as they were all painted over especially the ropes. It was decided to paint all the posts and handrail to match the color of the woodwork in Galway.

We then continued down the stairs and up and down. After a good preparation of sanding to remove dirt and scuffs and vacuuming to remove dust, a coat of stain and three coats of wood finish was applied with Cabot’s CFP Flooring Polyurethane. Between each layer of polyurethane, the walkways and risers were lightly sanded to remove any streaks and wood grain. Floors and Stair Varnishing Galway Below are photos of the prepared and finished staircase.

Floors and Stair Varnishing
Floors and Stair Varnishing
The Benefits of Anti-Slip Varnish

It goes without saying that wooden stairs can be dangerous if no anti-slip paint has been applied. Other advantages of anti-slip paints are:

  • Employees and visitors can rest assured that their environment is safe, which has the added benefit of increasing productivity.
  • Ensure that owners, managers, and employers comply with relevant health and safety regulations.
  • Help people avoid unnecessary disputes in the workplace or public space by preventing preventable injuries.
  • Residential properties can benefit from a five-year warranty on non-slip surfaces.
  • Commercial properties can expect two years of guaranteed non-slip surfaces.

Non-slip paints also offer a number of aesthetic benefits. Although designed to provide adequate surface adhesion and prevent accidents, it can add the perfect shine and shine to existing surfaces. It is also completely harmless and works well on a variety of surfaces to enhance natural beauty.

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