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Hand Painted Kitchen Units Galway

Hand Painted Kitchen Units Galway

Kitchen is the heart of the home and its greatest asset. A beautiful hand painted kitchen to renovate a tired space at a fraction of the cost and minimal disruption compared to a full kitchen design.

True Colours offers customers the best in hand-painted kitchens. Our Hand Painted Kitchen Units Galway team of kitchen element color experts provide advice and recommendations on the right color and finish for your kitchen.

If you’re looking to sell your property and need a fresher look, painting your kitchen is an inexpensive way to refresh an old and outdated kitchen rather than remodeling. A hand-painted kitchen is a smart service, but with a big impact! Or have you just bought your new home but don’t like the kitchen? So hand painted you can have a truly unique kitchen with an almost endless choice of colours.

Hand Painted Kitchen Units Galway
Hand Painted Kitchen Units_Galway

The Process of Hand Painting your Kitchen

  • First, all handles are removed.
  • The entire kitchen is cleaned and cut in the Krud Kutter.
  • We apply the primer to perfectly clean surfaces without residue. We use two glues together, which is more suitable for your kitchen.
  • Complete the next stage, remove stains in the kitchen, followed by sandblasting with 240 carbon pads.
  • Then apply another coat of primer.
  • Sanding is different with sanding discs.
  • In short – unlike other companies that only use one brand, we use up to four finishes depending on what you ultimately want. We apply the top layer, sand the top layer and finish your kitchen.
  • We fix your old handles or install new ones, the choice is yours.
  • Your hand-painted kitchen is now ready for many years of work and enjoyment.

For the Best in Professional Hand Painted Kitchen Unit Painting, Get in Contact With True Colours Today.

Types of Kitchens We Can Hand Paint

Brand new custom hand painted wood kitchen
We also take orders for painting kitchens. We finished this on the spot with a two-tone hand painted oil shell finish. Newly fitted kitchens, wardrobes and bedrooms are perfect for our mission to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Redoing Hand Painted Kitchen Units Galway Traditional painters have developed beautiful kitchens all over the Ireland. We have all the knowledge and experience to offer the best models in the field of renovation, hand-painted kitchens and furniture.

It’s no secret that many kitchen companies hire independent contractors. We are ready and able to provide instant five-star service at our standard rates.

Hand paint the kitchen for a refresh or update
We can go beyond the picture to transform your kitchen. Many details have been added such as new handles, new switches, different floors. Some members can refine your current map or put you in touch with specific developers. Every functional kitchen can be renovated without leaving home. This is a good summary of the options available for renovating your kitchen rather than building a brand new one.

Repeat baking with the other hand
We sell many painted wooden kitchens in all prices. Hand Painted Kitchen Units Galway team case studies cover everything from luxury to mid-range and everything in between. There are companies on the internet that buy and sell beloved wooden kitchens with designer names. Grab one of these and we can paint it like new, saving you thousands of dollars.

Advantage of a Hand Painted Kitchen?

The only downside to a Hand Painted Kitchen Units Galway is that it takes a bit longer to apply, as you have to wait 3-4 hours for each coat to dry. This is where the Hand Painted Kitchen Units Galway team of expert painters will step in. With over 30 years of experience hand painting kitchen cabinets and counters, they have developed techniques to speed up the process.

We use our special technique without compromising on quality and have also developed an approach to darken brush marks on hand-painted kitchen cabinets and communal storage units.

Hand Painted Kitchen Units Galway
Hand Painted Kitchen Units Galway
How much to Hand Paint a Kitchen?

The price and cost actually depend on the size of the kitchen and the number of storage cabinets and cupboards. If you want more details with prices, please ask. quote from us.

Are you looking for a Hand Painted Kitchen Units Galway number and do you live in Laois, Kildare or Dublin, then be sure to contact us for a no-obligation quote

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