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Paint Spraying Galway

Paint Spraying Galway

Spray paint is a method by which you can paint furniture or cabinets. We can make kitchen elements. It is an excellent product suitable for many surfaces that cannot be painted traditionally. Apart from special furniture spray paints, which do not damage the furniture and last a long time, we do not use any toxic substances as a primer.

Professional Paint Spraying Galway it can be particularly difficult to find a decent place to shower. We know that every minute counts when it comes to your kitchen. We are fully insured and have worked with many clients in Galway to ensure we really care about what we do. Our team of Professional Paint Spraying Galway painters come fully equipped and always provide a quote before work begins.

Paint Spraying galway
paint spraray

What is Spray Painting?

Professional Paint Spraying Galway use state of the art spray equipment to ensure high quality results. Paint Spraying Galway is usually used for convenience, but it’s also fine if you have a gloss or satin finish on furniture, kitchen units and doors.

If you want a smooth finish even without brushes, spray paint is a good option. The surface painting method is much faster, but the painting room must be well ventilated and lit. In most cases, only one coat of rough paint is needed for sufficient coverage and the drying time is significantly shorter than painting with a brush. Paint Spraying Galway also allows you to reach difficult areas, such as corners and joints under furniture if it has a crown molding.

Spray Painting Processes and Preparation

Proper preparation is an integral part of any professional make-up. Prior to spraying paint, Paint Spraying galway team will carry out appropriate preparation. This process includes:

Fill cracks, dents or imperfections in walls, ceilings or wood with spray paint.
Sprinkle the surface with sand.
If necessary, we apply a primer/primer to the wood.
And the same can be said of the wood, which can be satin, spherical or egg.
At the end of the job, a member of our team will review the job with you to ensure you have completed the full paint job.
How much do Our Spray Paint Spraying Galway Cost?

The price of painting Spray is determined individually. Depending on the size of your project, you can pay per piece, per square meter or per hour. Call us on 087 798 2365 and more information on Spray painting services.

Our Domestic Spray Painting Service

True Colours Paint Spraying Galway also offers a professional spray painting service for all types of home projects including furniture restoration, kitchen spray painting and more. We pride ourselves on the efficiency of our spray painting services, always completing the job on time without compromising on quality. We have a large selection of images available and are happy to discuss with our customers which colors and styles best suit their needs.
Our home paint services include:

Advantages of Spray Painting over Traditional Methods

Painting Spray Galway for painting jobs using a machine. Not only does it leave the item in the correct color, but it also ensures that the colored items are well protected. Still, nothing beats trying out a paint sprayer. Not only is it alive and safe to use, but it is also simple.

That said, here are all the many other benefits of spray painting that you can enjoy compared to a traditional paintbrush:

1. Faster Paints

Paint Spraying Galway is much faster than with a brush. For example, painting a large object, such as a gazebo or a painting, can easily take several hours.

He said if you use a spray gun it will only take you three to five hours to get the job done. This means a big time saving of more than one day. In general, it is much more efficient and practical.

2. Safer Activity

You have to stand in the corner with the brush while working. This could result in injury such as a sprained neck or back pain. Meanwhile, if you use a spray gun, you can work standing up. This can significantly help you avoid firearm accidents and also prevent unnecessary injuries. So consider trying something in print.

3.Higher Quality

The brush may leave lines and marks on the surface. This can seriously damage the final quality of the paint job, leaving you miserable and unhappy. On the other hand, if you use spray paint, you will get a lighter finish. This will give you a better finish with a paint sprayer.

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Spray Painting is much nicer than brush paint. If you are painting something flat, such as a door or cabinet, working with spray paint will give you a better finish than using a brush.

5. It is easier to clean

After using the spray gun, simply wipe it with kitchen paper and it is ready for use again. However, this is not possible with a brush. Of course you can clean it with a few uses, but after a while the area gets so worn that you have to replace it.

6. It costs less

It is cheaper to use a paint sprayer than a traditional paint brush. However, you have to spend a lot to buy a good foam gun. However, they last an incredibly long time, making it easy to explore these options.


Basically, using a good paint sprayer is one of the easiest ways to complete your next paint job. If you do it in your garage or workshop, you can easily paint everything you need in a short time, even if you don’t have much experience. So if you want to achieve professional perfection, all you need to do is invest in a good quality paint sprayer.

why choose us spray painting
Why Choose Us Spray Painting Services?

Painting Spray Galway and color change services with endless options. Galway spray paint is exposed to UV rays, dust and dirt every day; It doesn’t take long for your charm to become dull and lifeless. Your windows, doors, gutters and other external features are visible from afar and this plays a major role in the overall appearance of your home. First impressions matter, so stay on trend with Galway Pain Relief Spray.

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