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Wallpapering Galway

Wallpapering Galway

We have been hanging up Wallpapering Galway for residential and commercial customers for many years, turning all type of rooms into a beautiful, stylish and decorative space

Wallpapering Galway is an easy and creative way to completely transform a room with stylish and complex patterns. With better designs and improved installation, From traditional wallpaper to fabric and vinyl wallcoverings, there is a pattern for every space.

To achieve the top quality feat, wallpapering installtion service Galway have worked hard to curate our top-notch team, comprised of trained sales advisors that understand the need for beauty and can cater to your needs. Get in touch with us today and get the perfection your walls truly deserve.

Highest Standard

We are leading expert in Installation of Wallpaper, Wall Covering, delivered services 1000s of satisfied customers.

Unparalleled attention to detail

We have the high end attractive wall paper as per your specific requirement and theme which creates and unparalleled attention to details..

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Proper Wallpaper Installation

We understand the importance of proper wallpaper installation. The company has a rich tradition of expert wallpaper installation

Wallpaper Restoration

We offer our clients a comprehensive restoration process. Our services can revitalise the interior or exterior of a protected property

Wallpapering Galway

Benefits of Wallpaper Installation Galway

Wallpapering Galway is a traditional Wall painting, wallpapers have many advantages in terms of durability, flexibility, and design.
Cost-effective and durable:

Wallpaper is an affordable and long-lasting choice for painting walls. Choose a plan wisely, because once it’s made, it’s there for life.


Wallpapering Galway painting, wall art can be easily removed and replaced. Life itself does not need time. You can easily replace the old wallpaper with a new one to change the atmosphere of your room. Walls offer even more opportunities to experience different spaces, such as a hallway, bathroom, bedroom or even your office because you only need to occupy one wall at a time.

Variety of wallpaper styles and patterns:

Wallpapering Galway usually has different patterns and designs from traditional to modern. This gives you the freedom to easily choose your images and personality for any style, space or style.

Easy wallpaper installation:

Hanging wallpaper is a quick fix for renters or those with little do-it-yourself experience. Wallpapering Galway is usually a day or less! If necessary, hire a professional, as it can be difficult if you try to install the wallpaper yourself.

Our Services
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Residence, Commercial & Bespoke

We offer professional installation of all types of wallpapering associated with domestic and residential settings. We can also help to organise and supply custom printed solutions, such as
photo murals, using top quality materials. Such products are also quite common in bars, restaurants, shops and cafes. All Installations are expertly planned and aligned using laser technology.

We offer professional installation of all types of commercial wallcoverings to the highest standard, such as vinyl, wood veneer, fabric, textile etc. As used in hotels, restaurants, property development and high-end corporate offices, shop fitting, aged-care facilities etc. All installations are expertly planned and aligned using laser technology.

We love to work outside the box also, and have been engaged to installed wallpapering on ceilings, lift doors, lift interiors, boats, caravans, trailers, joinery, external walls, pillars, even a powder room with infinite mirror reflection. We can also help to organise and supply custom printed solutions. All installations are expertly planned and aligned using laser technology.

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