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True colours Painting And Decorating understands the importance of proper wallpapering. The True colours company has a long tradition of professional wallpapering installation and has always emphasized the benefits of having wallpaper installed by an experienced craftsman. We guarantee our customers a long life for the wallpapers hung with us, because we take care of the treatment of the walls before we start hanging them.

On the walls, we repair any damage that couldn’t damage or mar the wallpapering install. We cover the walls with a primer to prevent moisture and mold from the paper from causing problems at all levels. True colours Paint and Decor we can help you install wallpapering and wall coverings in your home or business.

We have been wallpapering for residential and commercial customers for many years, turning all types of rooms into beautiful, stylish, and decorative spaces.

wallpapering Installation is an easy and creative way to completely transform a room with stylish and complex patterns. With better designs and improved installation, From traditional wallpaper to fabric and vinyl wallcoverings, there is a pattern for every space.

To achieve the top-quality feat, we have worked hard to curate our top-notch team, comprised of trained sales advisors that understand the need for beauty and can cater to your needs. Get in touch with us today and get the perfection your walls truly deserve.

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Highest Standard

We are leading expert in Installation of Wallpaper, Wall Covering, delivered services 1000s of satisfied customers.

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Unparalleled attention to detail

We have the high end attractive wall paper as per your specific requirement and theme which creates and unparalleled attention to details..

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Proper Wallpaper Installation

We understand the importance of proper wallpaper installation. The company has a rich tradition of expert wallpaper installation

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Wallpaper Restoration

We offer our clients a comprehensive restoration process. Our services can revitalise the interior or exterior of a protected property

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How to Remove Stains From Painted Walls

Residence, Commercial & Bespoke

We offer professional installation of all types of wallpapering associated with domestic and residential settings. We can also help to organise and supply custom printed solutions, such as
photo murals, using top quality materials. Such products are also quite common in bars, restaurants, shops and cafes. All Installations are expertly planned and aligned using laser technology.

We offer professional installation of all types of commercial wallcoverings to the highest standard, such as vinyl, wood veneer, fabric, textile etc. As used in hotels, restaurants, property development and high-end corporate offices, shop fitting, aged-care facilities etc. All installations are expertly planned and aligned using laser technology.

We love to work outside the box also, and have been engaged to installed wallpapering on ceilings, lift doors, lift interiors, boats, caravans, trailers, joinery, external walls, pillars, even a powder room with infinite mirror reflection. We can also help to organise and supply custom printed solutions. All installations are expertly planned and aligned using laser technology.


Wallpapering Restoration Service Galway also offer our clients a complete restoration process. True colours Painting And Decorating has extensive experience working with listed and protected buildings. Our services can revitalize the wallpapering and interior or exterior of a listed building while preserving the charm and historic character of the building.

True colours Paint and Decor can restore listed and listed buildings to their former glory. We are available for:

– Restore an old wood
– Polish and painted flags.
– Treatment, restoration, and painting of walls
– Paint and restore the window wing.
– Painting wallpaper

We may also use trusted third-party vendors for services such as Galway polishing. Whatever the renovation need, True colours Paint And Decor is available to revitalize old, run-down, or neglected properties.

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Wallpaper And Wall Coverings

The difference between professionally applied wallpapering and amateur wallpaper is the difference between a permanent solution and temporary solution.
True colours Painting And Decorating has been producing wallpapering for over years. All of our wallpaper artisans are well trained in the correct treatment of wallpapering and the installation of wallcovering. Henry Nolan Painting And Decorating offers its customers total service.

We will find the right wallpaper for your job. We are experienced in everything from installing high-quality foil wallpaper to cheaper types of vinyl. True colours Painting and decorating are a pleasure whatever the subject.
Our wallpapering installation service is efficient and careful, trying to limit the inconvenience to the objects as much as possible. When the project is complete, we leave a blank workspace with only the client’s beautifully installed wallpapering as a reminder.

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We are a nationally recognized brand working with painters who meet our high standards for project completion and a 100% satisfaction guarantee..


We are your reliable partner for everything related to paint and wall coverings. True colours have revolutionized quoting with new technologies, enabling project coordination and execution, and continues to stay current with industry trends.


With their project coordinator, customers have a single point of contact who ensures the successful completion of projects. Throughout the project, we are regularly available to communicate with clients..

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